termseal_logo.jpg TERMITE PROTECTION to new or existing buildings

TERM-seal termite systems are new, innovative and very cost competitive products developed for termite proofing new and existing buildings, with the bonus of the coatings and sealants also meeting the requirements for water-proofing solutions.

The range of TERM-seal termite systems products have been developed to specifically target every type of construction, not relying on one type of product to try and cover every scenario including the cost saver 2 in 1 back-filled wall water-proof and termite proof coatings.

TERM-seal Physical Barrier Systems are made up of coatings, sealants, penetration protection collars, sheet barriers and our unique Ura-Fen cavity perimeter barriers.

TERM-seal products are stable long lasting and environmentally friendly.


Your choice, your peace of mind

TERM-seal Products are safe to humans, but deadly to termites, and come with a range of product warranties.

TERM - Seal Explained

termseal_logo.jpgWHAT IS TERM-seal?

TERM-seal are a range of new and innovative products developed for all termite proofing solutions to form Physical Termite Barriers, with the extra value of Water-Proofing and Damp-Coursing.

TERM-seal Physical Termite Barrier systems

TERM-seal systems contain a low level of Bifenthrin, that will kill and repel termites. The active constituent, Bifenthrin is encapsulated into the polymers to provide an environmentally sound, long term Termite and Water-Proof Barrier. TERM-seal Active system and products are APVMA approved for use.

TERM-seal Products are unpalatable, repel and kill termites and come with a range of warranties.

50 year product warranty for our range of Perimeter and Penetration Systems.

20 year product warranty for Multi-Purpose System for use on back-filled walls and external joints.

10 year product warranty for Multi-Purpose system for waterproofing kitchens and shower trays.

The TERM-seal Ura-Fen Active and the TERM-seal Ura-Fen TDB perimeter systems in conjunction with TERM-seal penetration collars, create a complete physical, termite resistant and water-proof barrier (and/or dampcourse) to concrete slabs and masonry block constructions.

We now have a 4 in 1 tool

*TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Coating as a termite resistant and waterproof compound for joints, Internal walls and combination termite/water-proof combination barrier for back-filled walls.
*TERM-seal Ura-Fen TDB also acts as a damp-course when installed under-slab as a full termite/ vapor barrier combination.
*Termite resistant waterproofing compound for internal wet areas.
TERM-seal Ura-Fen Active cavity Perimeter system

TERM-seal offers 5 systems:

*TERM-seal Ura-Fen Active cavity Perimeter, Penetration and Damp-course Management System.
*TERM-seal Penetration Collars for protecting pipe penetrations through concrete slabs
*TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Coating System for use on back-filled walls and external joints
*TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Coating for Waterproofing System used in waterproofing kitchens and shower trays.
*TERM-seal Ura-Fen TDB full under-Slab or cavity Perimeter system.


*TERM-seal Perimeter and Penetration System now has a 50 year product warranty. Conditions apply (see below **)
*TERM-seal products and systems have been fully tested and covered under C.S,I.R.O. Appraisal #309, #326,#358, #338
*TERM-seal complies with standard AS 3660.1.2000
TERM-seal is approved as fully compliant with standard A.S./N.Z.S. 4347.6 Damp-Coursing
*TERM-seal Active systems and products are APVMA approved for use.
*TERM-seal is multi-functional; can be used in all types of construction joints, retaining walls, penetrations and methods of building construction
TERM-seal provides a dual purpose termite and damp proofing solution
TERM-seal is quick and easy to install
TERM-seal is installed by fully trained installers
TERM-seal has local government acceptance
TERM-seal is UV stable

TERM-seal can be used on:
*Concrete Slabs
*Cement Render
*Concrete and masonry blocks, and
*Compressed fibrous cement sheeting.
*TERM-seal Warranties and Conditions

**Term-seal Systems and component Product Warranties are supplied to Accredited Installers.

Information for Pest Managers



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TERM-seal is manufactured in Australia in our own rigorously run factory. This ensures complete quality control and cost reductions. Our team are dedicated to bringing you consistancy and quality ,at an affordable rate.

TERM-seal Passive and TERM-seal Active products comply to AS3660.1 and AS3660.3 and are Code-Mark Certified

TERM-seal Active range of products and TERM-seal Ura-Fen are APVMA approved.

View TERM-seal Ura-Fen Perimeter Movie by clicking this link. Right click and select "Save Target As". File is approximately 3.6MB

The TERM-seal range of products are patent protected

The products are versatile, and most importantly they work! team of specialists are ready at any time to help with any job, from the standard construction to difficult or unusual jobs that other barriers just can not do. Their products are suitable for the conventional as well as the unusual.


The components that make up the TERM-seal Systems Are:
(Click each product to open up a pdf of brief information)

TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Termite and Water-Proof Coating
TERM-seal Sealant
TERM-seal Ura-Fen Shield TDB
TERM-seal Penetration collars
TERM-seal Prime-Coat
TERM-seal Reo-Band (FG)
TERM-seal Reo-Sheet (FG)
TERM-seal Ura-Fen Active
TERM-seal brick cord, capping (Ant capping strip for Bearer and Joist construction)


The components are used together in different ways to protect all parts of the building against termite attack.
(Click each product to open up a pdf of brief information)

The TERM-seal Ura-Fen Shield TDB Perimeter/ Damp-Course System
TERM-seal Ura-Fen cavity Perimeter system (Active constituent 0.2% Bifenthrin)
Construction Joints
Walls to be backfilled
Treating Poles and Posts
Protecting penetrations with TERM-seal Penetration collars or TERM-seal Sealants
Penetration Treatment after the concrete has been poured
TERM-seal Ant Capping System

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