Product Safety Cards

Are you using Bayer products ? Remember to pick up your free DL Product Safety Information Cards to give out to your customers from Garrards.

Product Safety Cards are available for the following products:

Aqua K
Cislin 25
Maxforce Gold

More to come soon.

Stop by your local Garrards Branch to collect.

Current News

  • Vanquish Pro Ant Bait


    Vanquish Pro Ant Bait is a new generation Ant Bait, with both protein and carbohydrate in the matrix to attract a wider variety of ants.

    The wet paste has the well-known, thoroughly tested Fipronil as its active, highly-effective ingredient, at very low levels, so that the bait will find its way right back into the nest where itwill do the most damage to the colony.

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  • TechHUB - Termite Training

    Garrards are pleased to invite registrations to a Termite Training Course presented by Scott Kleinschmidt of ATP Research. Many of you will know Scott as the person responsible for the Australian research conducted in order to bring Termidor to the market. Scott has been involved with termites for over 35 years starting with the Timber Research team at Queensland Department of Forestry.

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  • Suspend Flexx

    Suspend Flexx Launched by Bayer

    A new era of formulation technology

    Suspend Flexx is a new, innovative general insecticide from Bayer containing leading-edge patented Carrier™ technology.

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  • Seclira Pressurised

    Two new products from BASF, Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait and Seclira Pressurised Insecticide.

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Termidor HE

Termidor HE is now available from Garrards.

Take your business to a whole new level of efficiency. Watch the video here.

More efficient application – Termidor HE reduces the need for much of the disruption, digging and drilling typically required with a standard termiticide application. With state of the art advanced polymer technology, it dramatically improves the transport of Termidor HE’s active ingredient into the soil on application.

Don’t forget about the other great Termidor products which combined can be the most powerful Termite elimination solutions today.
Termidor Foam, Termidor Liquid and Termidor Dry.