Trelona ATBS

The next generation of Advanced Termite Baiting Systems have arrived at Garrards. Trelona, using the novel active ingredient ‘Novaluron’ proving to require much less bait for complete colony elimination when compared with others.

Using familiar setups, you can choose to either use Trelona as a whole complete setup, or continue to use existing setups and use *conversion kits.

Trelona ATBS can be used in combination with BASF’s industry leading termiticide solutions to provide more flexible installations for awkward perimeters.

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*check with staff to ensure the conversion kits work with your existing stations.

Current News

  • Get accredited to apply Selontra rodenticide

    BASF invites you to complete an online course that will equip you with S7 Accreditation, which is required by the WA licencing authority before you can use Selontra rodenticide.

    With mouse plagues now heavily affecting the agriculture industry, Selontra is set to become even more sought-after.

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  • RCS ST (Straight Through) Station

    Introducing the new ST (Straight Through) station, a multi-catch trap system. Featuring an advanced lockable, tamper resistant system the unlocking mechanism is hidden and can be operated by hand with no key required.

    These next generation traps can be used for all rodent control programmes. Designed to offer mice or rats a straight run through/line of sight. Custom labelling/branding available (minimum order quantities apply).

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  • Trelona Certified Installer training for technicians and staff

    BASF are hosting digital online Trelona Certified Installer training for technicians and staff.

    You are invited to register your interest in attending any of the below sessions.

    Available dates are:

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  • PureSouth is the next generation of cleaning products

    Designed with our world leading QuatLock™ technology all PureSouth protectants are a two-in-one solution. They disinfect and provide long-lasting protection — actively defending surfaces against the bacteria that comes their way.

    View the entry on the ARTG

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