Vanquish Label Updated

Important Update - Vanquish Pro Ant Bait Label Extension

Vanquish Pro Ant Bait is a new generation Ant Bait, with both protein and carbohydrate in the matrix to attract a wider variety of ants. This wet paste has the well-known, thoroughly tested Fipronil as its active and highly effective ingredient.

Vanquish Pro has now been successfully approved for use in Ecological and Conservation areas.

This now means Vanquish Pro can be used in a wider variety of areas including National Parks, Wilderness areas, Nature Reserves and much more!

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Current News

  • Garrards offer courses approved by NSW EPA and QLD DAF for use of avicides to control birds.

    Avicides course information:
    To advise interest in the course, find out more information or request a Training Enrolment Form by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    NOTE: If you are a licensed Pest Management Technician in Queensland and have previously completed the NSW EPA Approved Garrards Pest Bird Course, you may already be considered compliant with Queensland legislative requirements. Please contact Garrards to confirm if your prior learning is substantially equivalent to Queensland requirements.

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  • Adama Injecta 400 with Di-Bak


    Injecta 400

    The professional tool for controlling woody weeds and unwanted trees.

    Download: Product Flyer | User Manual

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  • PureSouth is the next generation of cleaning products

    Designed with our world leading QuatLock™ technology all PureSouth protectants are a two-in-one solution. They disinfect and provide long-lasting protection — actively defending surfaces against the bacteria that comes their way.

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  • ProPest Training Licencing Workshop

    ProTrain offers full hands on licencing workshops in the following streams of pest management.

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FMC Product Launch


Launched at Garrards 2021 Roadshows, the new Biflex Mikron Insecticide features lightning fast control and enduring residual protection from the powerful combination of two active ingredients in a cutting edge microemulsion formulation.

The unique microemulsion formulation of Biflex® Mikron features a particle size that is 200 times smaller than SC formulations and thousands of times smaller than micro-encapsulated products, providing many advantages for pest controllers:

Clear Formulation – helps eliminate the possibility of staining or messy, visible residue.

Better Insect Penetration – smaller particles are more readily absorbed through an insect’s cuticle for faster control.

Increased Uniform Coverage – the increased number and even distribution of particles on a treated surface create a higher probability of insects coming in contact with an effective dose.

Stays in Suspension – once mixed, Biflex® Mikron remains in suspension and does not require constant agitation.

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