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The latest product articles from Garrards are listed below:

The Powerful Knockdown Alternative. Basta® is a non-selective knockdown herbicide with a well-deserved reputation for versatility, effectiveness and a high level of
non-target plant safety.


ADVION Cockroach Gel and ADVION Ant Gel are now available in multipacks of four gels at Garrards.

Seclira Gel Cockroach Bait has been specifically designed as a crevice, crack or spot treatment for the control of cockroaches. This highly palatable formulation is powered by a fast-acting active ingredient and BASF Genuine Transfer Effect technology providing rapid, whole of colony control. Seclira Gel Cockroach Bait also combines with the suite of Seclira products and partners in rotation with Goliath Gel Cockroach Bait for unmatched performance in all conditions.

Bell Laboratories is pleased to introduce to the Australian market for the first time FASTRAC Blox Rodenticide, containing the acute active ingredient bromethalin. The first bromethalin block to be registered for use against rodents in Australia, FASTRAC Blox saves technicians time and money.