Bayer has a termite control insecticide called Premise which has been highly successful in Australia under our difficult conditions.  Due to the natural foraging behaviour of sub-terranean termites and with their prolific presence in the Australian environment, there is a need to implement control management strategies in the environment surrounding structures to reduce the pressure from this pest. 

Bayer are so confident that Temprid 75 is the most effective insecticide for bed bug management that we back it with a performance guarantee.  You need to have supreme confidence in a product to deliver the results expected against such a difficult pest as bed bugs.  So what is so special about Temprid 75 that Bayer have this unshakable confidence in the product?

BASF's Stratagem® is a highly potent single feed rodenticide in a palatable, securable bait block. Stratagem is in an easy to use non-spill formulation that is mould and moisture resistant and extremely palatable. Below are the 5 key reasons to choose Stratagem over other available rodenticides.

You don’t get to be the oldest living organism on Earth (over 350 Million years) by being easy to get rid of. Everywhere that man has colonized so too has the cockroach.
Your decision on which method to use to eradicate cockroaches should be flexible but based on a set Integrated Pest Management strategy involving;