iconOver the last 18 months the calls have been ever increasing.  “There are these things … well, they are very small, minute … they jump .. don’t sting .. never seen them before.  What are they?”

Recording the Rate of Application

What should you write on records and notices?

Labels detail mixing rates – so many ml/L – but how is it best recorded? 

articonThe riddle of effective funnel ant control now solved.

Many a mower blade has been blunted, many an ankle rolled, and many a pristine lawn laid waste … all due to Funnel Ants.


In the days of the world wide web anyone can be an expert.  Type in a few key words and up come a multitude of references.  But beware…. are these references valid or is it simply another way of perpetuating myths via apparent authoritative sites. 

For at least the last 25 years, even before ‘www.’, people have been spreading agricultural lime over soil, especially in sub-floors, to control fleas.  It is claimed to smother eggs and dehydrate or desiccate fleas.  Its effectiveness is doubtful considering the number of times pest managers are asked to control fleas where lime has been spread.