iconCockroaches are primitive winged insects.  They are relatively unchanged from fossils that date back 350 million years.  Fossil records also show their close relationship with the more recently evolved termites. 

iconLyme Disease in Australia

Presently there are no official statistics on the number of people suffering from Borreliosis (Lyme Disease) in Australia. There was a Lyme/Lyme-like disease which was reported from a sufferer in the Newcastle region of NSW back in 1982.  There are lots of debates on the existence of Lyme Disease in Australia and here at Garrards we believe it is best to be proactive rather than reactive.

agiiconA new paramyxovirus (PMV1) not previously reported in Australia was detected in ‘fancy’ pigeons in mid-August 2011 and in racing pigeons in mid-September in the Goulburn Valley and a number of suburbs across Melbourne.  The virus was identified as PMV1 in late August.   Pigeon shows, exhibitions, markets, sales, auctions and racing were banned in Victoria from 28th September for 90 days.  Racing and shows observed a voluntary ban in South Australia.  The disease spreads mainly by the movement of infected birds.

dusticonDust mites can be found in most homes near coastal Australia. They are small and most people do not notice them unless they crawl on dark surfaces. However once seen, there may appear to be many as people go looking for them. Dust mites eat protein such as shed human skin. They are more likely to build up in numbers where people spend time on surfaces that are not smooth – such as in bed, on upholstered furniture etc – and other places where human skin can be found such as soft toys, combs and brushes.