The latest news from Garrards are listed below:

Changes have been made to the Red Imported Fire Ant Restricted Area to reflect changes to the risk status of suburbs and localities as new infestation is detected or areas are cleared of infestation following completion of all required treatment and surveillance activities.

The following changes came into effect from 1 March 2014:

Transport authorities are investigating whether hundreds of millipedes on the tracks may have caused a minor crash between two trains in a Perth suburb.

Altriset has recently updated its label to increase its protection to 5 years south of the Tropic of Capricorn. Enjoy the strong benefits of Altriset Termiticide for up to 5 years - Rapid stop feeding mechanism, Eliminated termites from structures within 90 days, Long term protection, Outstanding termite colony transfer properties, Exempt from poison scheduling and more.

For most whom are dealing with bird control, you may already have our bird control catalogue. Now we give it to you in electronic form which means you can browse the catalogue from your desktop PC, mobile phone or tablet/laptop at anytime, anywhere.

In June Garrards ran a competition to win a brand new Flir i7 Hi-Res Thermal Imaging Camera valued at $2,999.00.  The draw was made and announced on July and Paul Kennedy from Wise Pest Control in N.S.W. has won the prize. Paul was wrapped about it and looks forward to enjoying his new Flir i7.