ARILON Insecticide is now registered for use as a direct treatment for termites in wall cavities, as well as nests in fences posts, poles and trees. ARILON is a non-repellent water dispersible granule (WDG) that when mixed with water can be sprayed, dripped or foamed into termite workings and nests for termite control.

ARILON is an ideal product for the direct treatment of termites for a number of reasons.  Firstly ARILON has an exceptional ability to transfer through communal insect colonies with many pest managers reporting excellent results of colony control for ants and cockroaches. Now this exciting new mode of action can be used for the control of active termites. Syngenta Technical Manager, Dick Murray reports, “The unique mode of action of ARILON provides great efficacy and fast control of termites. We treat a small number of termites directly at a number of active areas and rely on the ability of the termites to transport the toxicant through the colony eliminating termites from structures.”

Secondly, ARILON is a very economical product for treating active termites. The rate of application is only 4.5 g/1 L water. Syngenta Business Manager Paul Jackson said, “The great thing for pest managers is, that this registration will bolt onto the existing ARILON label so they are now able to treat termites directly, with the same product they are using for cockroach and ant control. Further good news for pest managers is that there are no restrictions on where ARILON can be used – you can use it inside the property as well as outside and in the garden – so there is no need to change products half way through your treatment. This creates excellent value and also reduces the need to have another product on the truck saving time and money.”  Direct treatment of termites has never been easier or more economical. 

Despite the excellent ability of ARILON to spread through termite colonies it is not to be used as an in-ground soil barrier as the properties of this chemistry do not allow it to bind to soil for any great period of time. It is therefore recommended that ARILON can be used initially and followed up with an ALTRISET termite treated zone for total colony control.

If you are interested in learning more about ARILON and attending any of our up and coming foaming courses please be sure to contact your local Syngenta representative. The label is available from our website to download for use with your existing product. ARILON is available in 200g and 500g packs from Garrards.

    • One product for termites, cockroaches, ants and house flies

    • One product for use indoors and outside

    • Delayed mortality enabling excellent toxicant transfer

    • ARILON is HACCP certified for use in food handling sites

    • Always use a non-repellent spray tank for ARILON, not the same tank as repellent products