Avicides course information:
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NOTE: If you are a licensed Pest Management Technician in Queensland and have previously completed the NSW EPA Approved Garrards Pest Bird Course, you may already be considered compliant with Queensland legislative requirements. Please contact Garrards to confirm if your prior learning is substantially equivalent to Queensland requirements.

The APVMA may declare certain chemical products to be restricted chemical products (RCPs) if special training, and/or other requirements, are needed to be able to handle or use the chemical. Products that are declared to be RCPs can only be used by an “Authorised Person”. The APVMA may declare a product a restricted chemical product if:
• the product may have an effect harmful to human beings;
• the product may have any unintended effect that is harmful to any animal, plant or thing or to the environment;
• any special knowledge, skill or qualification is required in the preparation or handling of the product;
• special equipment is required to use the product with safety.
The APVMA has to certify in writing that it is in the public interest for a product to be so declared.

The relevant Australian State or Territory authority determines who may be considered as an “Authorised Person”, based on advice from the APVMA following a risk assessment of the chemical product.
Australian State and Territory authorities implement the RCP scheme through their control-of-use legislative frameworks by authorising persons to access RCPs once they have successfully completed the relevant training, and/or other requirements.

In December 2009, the APVMA found that the avicides have no intrinsic selectivity for the target birds and particular skills and knowledge is required to correctly use avicides to avoid intoxication of non-target birds and animals.
• The APVMA has determined that it is in the public interest for vertebrate pest control products containing alphachloralose, 4-aminopyridine and fenthion to be restricted chemical products (RCPs).
• The label directions and the restricted use of these chemicals are designed to minimise exposure of non-target animals and birds to these compounds.

The APVMA withdrew registration for fenthion-based products including avicides in 2015, however, alphachloralose and 4-aminopyridine remain registered for use.

In May 2010 NSW gazetted the Pesticide Control (Avicide Products) Order 2010 , followed by an Amendment in December 2010. The PCO authorises only licensed Pest Management Technicians (PMTs), Bird Control Officers and, under the direct control of a Bird Control Officer, persons involved in agricultural or forestry operations. Pest Management Technicians and Bird Control Officers must hold a Certificate of completion or statement of attainment issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) on completion of a DECCW (now EPA) approved training course delivered by, or on behalf of the RTO. The training course will contain:
• Identification of pest birds
• Knowledge and understanding of their behaviour
• Assessing management options
• Lawfully use an avicide to control them

The Garrards Pest Bird Course has been presented in NSW since 2011. The course was originally run on behalf of Brisbane North Institute of TAFE. Since BNIT ceased training in Pest Management in 2013 the course has been facilitated through ProTrain.

QLD DAF: Chemical Usage (Agricultural and Veterinary) Control Regulation 2017
In June 2020 amendments to the Regulation (sections 13A and 13F) were made.
A person must not use a restricted chemical product containing alphachloralose or 4-aminopyridine, nor an agricultural chemical product containing an S7 poison if the instructions for use on the approved label for the product relate to controlling an avian pest unless:
(a) - the person has a statement of attainment or record of results showing the person has successfully completed the appropriate VET qualifications; or
- the person has a spraysafe accreditation for using the product; or
- the person has successfully completed training for using the product that is substantially equivalent
(b) the person has successfully completed an approved avicide-use training course (if using the product to control an avian pest).


Appropriate VET qualifications include Urban Pest Management Units 6 and 18 (CPPUPM3006 and CPPUPM3018) or Rural and Environmental Pest Management Units 4 and 7 (AHCCHM304 and AHCCHM307).
These units relate to storage, preparation and use of pesticides.
Approved avicide-use training course means a training course the chief executive is satisfied includes appropriate training in
• identifying avian pests and understanding their behaviour; and
• controlling avian pests in various situations by using chemical products; and in other ways; and
that is stated to be an approved avicide-use training course in a list kept by the chief executive and published on the department’s website at Plant biosecurity | Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Queensland (daf.qld.gov.au)

Urban Pest Management Technicians can apply to Queensland Health to have their licenses endorsed with “Pest control activity including use of avicides”.