Train with FLIR to get the most out of your new Thermal Digital Camera. Course cost is $399 inc GST and is run by FLIR. Contact Craig Warnes to register with your company name, phone number, email and model of FLIR camera (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Course Locations / Details







Q1 Training Dates

6th March

20th March

13th March

20th March

Q2 Training Dates

26th June

19th June

5th June

12th June

Q3 Training Dates

4th September

18th September

11th September

11th September

Q4 Training Dates

20th November

11th December

4th December

27th November






Venues Address

The Hills Lodge Hotel & Spa

1 Salisbury Road

Castle Hill

NSW 2154

Canterbury International Hotel

326 Canterbury Road

Forest Hill

Victoria 3131

Welshpool Business Enterprise Centre

33-37 Murray Road South


WA 6106

Brisbane International Hotel

Sandgate Rd & Zillmere Rd


Qld 4034


Start Time

9am to 1PM

9am to 1PM

9am to 1PM

8am to 12PM


Bring along your FLIR thermal camera

Bring along your FLIR thermal camera

Bring along your FLIR thermal camera

Bring along your FLIR thermal camera


An invaluable event offered by FLIR Authorised Distributors for those wanting to get the most out of their thermal imaging camera or in the market for a FLIR camera.

IR Physics:

  • Introduction to Thermography
  • The E/M Spectrum, Equation linking energy and temperature
  • Emissivity, Reflected Temperature, infrared wavebands
  • Camera types, applications

Camera Training:

  • Introduction to FLIR cameras
  • Features and functions of FLIR cameras
  • Operating FLIR cameras

Hand On:

  • Using FLIR cameras to take images
  • Evaluation of images Classroom


  • Making measurements, including polished stainless steel
  • Taking simple thermograms
  • Hot reflections / cold reflections
  • Calculating the emissivity of an unknown surface
  • Spot / distance ratio


  • Introduction to FLIR software
  • Downloading images
  • Analysing images
  • Generating reports

Duration: 9.00 am to 1.00 pm. 
Please arrive 15 minutes early. Door shuts at 9.00 am