The Rekon System provides a flexible solution for the monitoring detection and treatment of termites. The reckon system was developed in Australia for australian conditions. Installed by your pest management professional, the reckon system provides year round early detection of termite activity in the vicinity of your most important asset - your home and nearby structures. Visit for more information.



With its unique patented secondary lid system the trap can be inspected and treated with a minimum of disturbance to termites which will then contribute to more successful treatments for colony elimination.

Also the secondary lid combined with the threaded outer lid and the 50mm no go zone at the nick of the trap helps prevent ants from anteing the system which therefore means less maintenance and leaves the traps more attractive to termites.

The chamber under the secondary lid creates ideal conditions for termites to accumulate and have a safe environment to feed in. This promotes the best conditions for a successful treatment and subsequent colony elimination.



If termites are in the vicinity of a dwelling or structure, they will forage to the Rekon System with its uniquely fluted dowels. This allows termites to easily mud up and attack. The Rekon System acts as a ready source of food for termites to feed on. This means strikes are made more quickly and aid in the early detection of termites colonies. The Rekon in-ground stations should be monitored regularly at 8-12 week intervals or at more regular intervals in known 'high termite pressure' regions. This will be determined by you Professional Pest Manager.

When activity is found in any of the reckon in-ground stations, your pest management professional can then implement the appropriate treatment to eradicate the activity before they infest other timber structures. The Rekon System is designed to work with a number of registered treatment formulations - dust, foams and baits; once again your Professional Pest Manager will determine which formulation is best suited in your situation. With more timber and a high volume interior, the reckon treatment system is irresistible to termites.

The Rekon Termites Treatment System is the perfect solution for the early detection, monitoring and treatment of termite colonies. The reckon system provides you as a home owner, a unique termite monitoring and baiting system. It has been designed in Australian conditions and with its special features you are able to accumulate termites in an environment that they feel safe to feed in, reckon can be inspected and treated with minimum disturbance with numerous treatments.



REKON TERMITE STATIONS AND BOXES: There are two components of the ReKon® Termite Treatment System, a round Station to place around buildings where termites may be active and a Box to place where termites are more likely to be found. The larger Box enables more termites to be concentrated for treatment.

REKON TERMITE STATION ACCESSORIES: Also available is a Post-hole Digger to allow easy installation of the Station. The ReKon Station Kit contains a metal key to open the Stations, a probe to stop the Station swivelling as it is being opened and a paintbrush to clean dirt from the top of the Station when replacing the lid.

USE: ReKon Termite Stations are placed around buildings and in areas where termites might be found. When termites are found in the Station and Box, they can be treated with Termidor® Dust. The termites carry the dust back to the nest causing the death of the whole colony, usually within 3 weeks.





  • Termites are attracted to wood, so remove potential termite food away from buildings - their food can include timber stacks, old stumps, building refuse and garden decoration such as sleepers and logs.
  • Waste timber from construction activities is often left in place or stored under the house - remove all timber form work.
  • Timber can be treated to prevent termite attach, and some timbers are naturally resistant - use treated or naturally resistant timber when it is in contact with, or close to, soil.
  • Termites are attracted to water, so fix leaking water pipes, drains, showers, sinks, tap etc, plus capture water from air conditioning units.
  • Termites prefer humid conditions, so keep air under the house dry by improving sub-floor ventilation, drainage and access.
  • Termites cannot chew through properly laid concrete, so ensure concrete slab is properly designer, compacted and cured.
  • Termite colonies can sometimes be located - it is possible to eliminate colonies by killing the reproductives (the queen and the king).


  • Arrange regular inspections - at least once a year in cooler areas and twice a year in warmer areas.
  • Keep the edges of the house (slabs, foundation, piers and stumps) clear of clutter, including garden beds and vegetation.
  • Professional pest controllers are trained in inspecting houses for termites activity - use their serves.