The Powerful Knockdown Alternative. Basta® is a non-selective knockdown herbicide with a well-deserved reputation for versatility, effectiveness and a high level of
non-target plant safety.



Basta is a partially systemic herbicide which is labeled for the control of over 80 of the toughest weeds and also provides users with faster weed control and improved levels of non-target safety when compared to glyphosate alternatives.


  • A powerful broad-spectrum alternative to glyphosate which controls over 80 troublesome weeds
  • Superior crop safety and target weed control of the toughest weeds whilst minimising
    damage to desired non-target plants
  • Effective control for glyphosate resistant weeds with an alternative mode of action - Group N
  • Broad use pattern across a range of non-crop situations
  • Compatible with BASF’s Arsenal® Super for up to 6 months of broad-spectrum pre-emergent weed control

Download the Basta Herbicide Label & SDS below:

Basta Herbicide Label

Basta Herbicide SDS