Introducing the new ST (Straight Through) station, a multi-catch trap system. Featuring an advanced lockable, tamper resistant system the unlocking mechanism is hidden and can be operated by hand with no key required.

These next generation traps can be used for all rodent control programmes. Designed to offer mice or rats a straight run through/line of sight. Custom labelling/branding available (minimum order quantities apply).


Able to used in multiple securing options such as (from left to right):

Hidden (no key) Lock/Release, Exposed Screw, Pad Lock, Hidden Screw, and Fix ‘n’ Go Cable.

Comes ready-to-use in Snap Trap mode or can be converted to Baiting Mode:


Dimensions of product:

Rat – RCS/RUN/R – 10cm x 10cm x 56cm

Mouse – RCS/TUN/M – 6.5cm x 8cm x 38cm

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Take your rodent elimination to the next level with RCS ST, distributed by Garrards Pty Ltd