VectoPrime FG Biological Larvicide is a next-generation biorational larvicide for complete single-brood control that can also be applied pre-flood. VectoPrime™ combines Bti strain AM65-52 with (S)-methoprene in each micro particle by utilizing Valent BioSciences.

BioFuse™ technology allows VectoPrime™ to offer the industry’s widest single-brood application window (1st to 4th instar, or pre-flood) with the industry’s lowest rates for direct application to water, thus saving significant operational costs while improving application flexibility.

Biorational larvicide
with highly specific activity against mosquitoes
Not harmful to non-target populations
BioFuse™ technology
(combines the dual modes of action from Bti strain AM65-52 and (S)-methoprene into a carefully selected ratio in every microparticle)
Can treat all larval stages


Wider application window for early or late instars

Reduces number and volume of products needed; more warehouse space

Quickly kills mosquito larvae Only mosquito growth regulator formulation where results can be observed within 24 hours in the field (eliminates need to collect pupae to determine efficacy)
Controls all mosquito species Application flexibility
Double “plus” potency and higher bulk density Improved payload and lower application rates significantly reduce operational costs
Pre-flood application capacity
in select environments
Reduces need to monitor flooding and wait for expected hatching
Standard size granule Simplifies aircraft calibration and characterization