The rega Nozzle Cleaner with O-Ring Pick is a  unique pocket sized tool, ideal for Pest Managers.  Manufactured from aluminium, the case is lightweight, small and durable. Featuring a variety of stainless steel nozzle cleaners and an O-Ring pick, this handy tool will clear out any debris and quickly service spraying nozzles on the go.


Ensure your nozzles are delivering you their best performance, and stop throwing clogged nozzles away with the rega Nozzle Cleaner

Directions for use:

Simply open and choose a nozzle cleaner starting from the smallest. Thread the nozzle cleaner through the spray nozzle to clear out any debris. Move to a larger nozzle cleaner if required. The Nozzle Cleaner is safe to use with most nozzles.

An O-Ring pick tool is also included to help remove O-Rings from the spraying equipment.

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