The Catchmaster Range of glue products is now available from all Garrards branches.

catchmaster.jpgCatchmaster Professional Family of Products Join the Garrards Stable

Atlantic Paste & Glue Company, a family owned business like Garrards has been manufacturing quality specialty adhesive products for well over a century. In 1977, AP&G introduced the "Catchmaster" range of products and began to focus on developing adhesives for pest management applications. Since that time, AP&G has become an industry leader and has consistently produced new and innovative high quality pest management products.

Garrards are pleased to announce their appointment as distributors in Australia of this diverse range. Catchmaster have a glue product to fit any need you may have: Mouse and Rat Boards, Insect Traps and Monitors, Giant Rat Boards and Fly Traps.

The glue used in Catchmaster products have no oil in them as some other products do. Oil mixes with the body chemistry of the rodent and allows the rodent to escape. Oil can also allow glue to ooze and therefore run in hot conditions.

To introduce the range, below you can find pictures of the various products, along with some indication of the product's main uses. We have also included our Product Code for your ordering convenience, however it is not essential to quote our part numbers when ordering, nor do we request that you order in carton lots. Please note that the use of these products is not restricted to the suggestions outlined below.

Rat Glue Trays
Rat Glue Trays - CM48RB
A result of 10 years of research and development, these traps have been tested in the field (not in a laboratory) and have come though winners every time. The black based trays are available now. The Rat Trays are packed in cartons of 24 x 2-pack. "Hercules Putty" (see below) is also available to assist with fixing traps to floors etc without the use of Ramset nails, dyna bolts or other such fixing products. Trap Size = 26.03cm x 13.335cm




Hercules Putty
Hercules Putty - CMHP-115
Highly recommended for holding glue traps in place. Can prevent a 2kg rat from making off with your tray. It is also possible to mount Insect Monitors in a vertical position on walls, or upside down under cabinets and countertops. Available in a 15 foot (Approx. 4.57m) roll.

Econo Rat Glue Boards
Econo Rat Glue Boards - CM60RBGL
The simple solution for areas with minimal access or where traps need to be made to fit. The traps cut easily for contour application - simply keep the quick release paper in place and, using soapy or oiled scissors, cut the traps to suit. Peanut-Butter scented. Can be fitted into the Wood Grain Dust Cover (see below) and it is possible to tear off the trap side for use against walls. Packed in cartons of 60 boards - Trap Size = 30.798cm x 15.24cm


Dust Cover for 48RB
Dust Cover for 48RB - CM150RB
The "Rodent Barn" dust cover improves the effectiveness and increases the life of rodent catching glue products by maintaining a low dust environment. The woodgrain appearance also serves to shield the rodent from being seen by the public. Use in areas such as animal sheds, warehouses, bakeries etc. Packed in cartons of 150 covers - Size = 46.99cm x 25.4cm



Giant Rat Glue Boards
Giant Rat Glue Boards - CM24GRB
Unprecedented adhesive coverage with over 800 sq. cms and 250gms of glue catching power. Use flat for clean out purposes, or fold for use in dusty areas. Perforated side tears off for placement against walls to secure traps and prevent rodents from dragging the trap away. Use under pallets or machinery in warehouses or commercial premises. Pre-baited with a peanut butter scent. Packed in cartons of 24 boards - Trap Size = 46.99cm x 26.67cm




Super Mouse Glue Boards
Super Mouse Glue Boards - CM72MBPB & CM72MBCH
The 72MB series glue boards are quite simply the best glue best mouse boards in the market today. The catching surface is 206 sq. cms and the trap can be used flat or folded. It features a perforated tear off strip to secure the board to baseboards etc., and has a printed record keeper on the back of the board. Available in both Peanut Butter and Chocolate scents. Packed in cartons of 72 boards - Trap Size = 21.59cm x 13.335cm




Econo Mouse and Insect Glue Boards
Econo Mouse and Insect Glue Boards - CM150MBGL
These boards are smaller than the 72MB traps, and thus are ideally suited for situations where mice are the target pests. Perforated to fold or tear for placement next to walls and they fold to form a tunnel. Peanut Butter scent. Packed in cartons of 150 boards - Trap Size = 17.18cm x 8.89cm



Insect Trap and Monitor
Insect Trap and Monitor - CM288I
Folds into rectangle or triangle shapes as per the photo. Side window allows for easy inspection and also provides alternate access for insects. Highly attractive molasses/peanut butter formulation is irristable to roaches. Features a printed week/month record keeper on the back side. Packed in cartons of 72 traps (1 trap = 3 monitors as shown) - Trap Size (Sheet) = 25.08cm x 19.05cm (Single monitor = 25.08cm x 6.35cm unfolded)





Scented Bug & Fly Catcher
Scented Bug & Fly Catcher - CM9144M4
For use in households, commercial and farm situations. Can be used to control nuisance flies and also to monitor fly populations as part of IPM control applications to determine when to spray. It is also an item that may be included with a treatment or on-sold to assist with the prevention of call backs. Packed in 4-packs, 24 x 4-pack per box.





Giant Fly Glue Trap
Giant Fly Glue Trap - CM902
This trap measures 30.48cm x 60.96cm providing 1.858 sq. mtrs of fly catching surface. Each trap incorporates a proprietary food attractant, a pheremone attractant and a special fluorescent chartreuse colour. For use in commercial or animal health facilities where fly control without the use of chemicals is necessary for the prevention of contamination of food, or where flies are a nuisance. Packed in 2-packs, 24 x 2-pack per carton.



Equestrian Fly Glue Traps
Equestrian Fly Glue Traps - CM935
With over 38,000 sq. cms of surface area, this double sided flytrap was designed to tackle the most severe fly situations. Attractants include pheremones, food attractants and the special fluorescent chartreuse colour. Pull out in sections and hang in areas with high fly populations. One trap can catch more than 100,000 flies. University tests have shown that when the Equestrian Fly Glue Trap is used at a rate of one trap per 55 sq. metres, high infestation areas were able to achieve 70-80% control without the use of any chemicals. Ideal for use in and around barns, stalls, poultry houses, garbage holding areas or any other situation where flies are present in large numbers. Packed in cartons of 12 rolls Trap Size = 7m x 27.94cm





Mouse Size Wood Snap Trap
Mouse Size Wood Snap Trap - CM602
What's to say? The old reliable wood snap trap that Nana and Grand-Pa swore by. These heavy duty snap traps are constructed with high quality materials and extra sensitive triggers to ensure catch. Priced so that they may be added into the cost of a rodent job and left with customers, they are another inexpensive way to reduce the possibility of a callback on those problem jobs. Packed in twin-packs.

Rat Size Wood Snap Trap
Rat Size Wood Snap Trap - CM610
What's to say? The old reliable wood snap trap that Nana and Grand-Pa swore by. These heavy duty snap traps are constructed with high quality materials and extra sensitive triggers to ensure catch. Priced so that they may be added into the cost of a rodent job and left with customers, they are another inexpensive way to reduce the possibility of a callback on those problem jobs. Packed in twin-packs.

Atlantic Paste and Glue Products
Humane Concerns

Any animal caught in any of these traps can be released from the Catchmaster glue in the following manner. Using heavy duty industrial rubber gloves, apply vegetable or mineral oil to the trap's surface (where the animal is stuck) and hold trap upside down over a bucket. With a log blunt object ie the back of a pencil, apply light pressure to the animal and release it into the bucket. Step back, then tilt the bucket away from you when releasing the animal. Release of reodents should be made at least 2km from the place where they were caught to prevent re-infestation.

These instructions are printed on every package to make this information known to all purchasers and users (professional or end user)

An advantage of glue traps is the fact that any ectoparasite present on the animal cannot escape, unlike rodenticides or snap traps which will allow disease carrying organisms such as fleas to leave their hosts.

It is recommended that throrough monitoring be employed to prevent rodents being stuck to the trays for long periods of time.

As always further information such as product catalogues are available, so please feel free to contact any of our friendly staff to arrange for one to be sent to you.

Catchmaster have an informative website, where you may find some further information. You can access this site by clicking this link.