The jack hardy portable power generator is a great addon for any Pest Manager that needs to have their own power source ready-to-go anywhere. Perfect for powering Pumps, charging sprayers and more.

The Jack Hardy generator is powered by a Yamaha engine making it highly reliable and versatile, delivering power right where and when you need it with low noise output. The low noise output is due to the sound reduction muffler system where you can have a normal conversation while it is running and not disturb neighbours while you use it.

Functions & Inclusions:
•Air Filter Semi-dry type
•AC Circuit Breaker - Yes
•DC Circuit Breaker - Yes
•Battery Charging - Yes
•Ignition Mode T.D.I
•Overload shutdown protection
•Pilot Lamp - Yes
•Starting System Pull start
•Short circuit protection
•12v output for battery charging
•12v leads and clips
•8 Amp/12 Volt DC, maximum 1608W/240 Volt AC

Lightweight: portable 20kg.

Low oil alert & shutdown: Protects and prevents damage to engine.

Low Noise: whisper-quiet operation from 54dB/7m due to its fully-enclosed structural design.

Pure Sine Wave: Safe to use and won't harm your sensitive electronic equipment such as mobile phones, laptop and tablets.

Recoil starting system: for high efficiency.

Built-in Eco Throttle system: adjusts the engine output to meet the power demand, meaning you save on fuel, reduce harm to the environment and noise level is further reduced when engine is not required to run at capacity.

The 2kW Jack Hardy generator produces enough power to run a 2.2kW air conditioner (while lights are on, a fridge and a radio). Now that’s power!

Contact Garrards for more information regarding the Jack Hardy line of generators.