The all new commercial cockroach monitor by rega is now available.  This easy to use and easy to inspect monitor mimics the stainless steel look so common in commercial establishments.  This allows it to blend in and be as unobtrusive as possible.  The monitor is also far more crush resistant than competing cardboard or plastic traps.



The rega Commercial Cockroach Monitor’s secret weapon is a cockroach pheromone-impregnated glue board, which can be easily removed and replaced as necessary.  This leaves your Monitor as a semi-permanent station, allowing for easy assessment of treated areas or for identifying potential issues.

The monitor can be made a permanent installation using screws, nails (holes are provided on the Monitor) or silicon / Liquid Nails, or by using the glue strips actually incorporated onto the Monitor’s base.

Ideal for use in dusty, greasy or compact areas, the rega Commercial Cockroach Monitor is the perfect addition to any Pest Manager’s insect control arsenal.

Installation and further details are below..

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