Product Launch – Fury 120 SC General Household Insecticide

FMC have launched Fury 120 SC General Household Insecticide into the GHP market which is set to provide a new standard in the industry.  


Fury is an optimised patent protected combination of alpha-cypermethrin 40 g/L and bifenthrin 80 g/L formulated as a suspension concentrate (SC). Fury combines the knockdown power of alpha-cypermethrin with the sustained residual qualities of bifenthrin.  This combination provides a powerful effect that is not achieved when using the individual active ingredients alone.

FMC are leaders in the research and development of synthetic pyrethroids and were the original developers of bifenthrin and alpha-cypermethrin for pest management.

Trials of Fury on cockroaches, ants and spiders have shown that Fury is more efficient, with increased mortality, quicker knock down and better residual control than other leading brands in the market.

In outdoor situations some of the major brands, including combination products, are providing reduced comparative residual control. Bifenthrin is not as soluble as some of the other active ingredients currently used, and is harder to wash off. This helps to explain why Fury provides better residual control than some of these other products.

Fury is very competitively priced and is registered for use on 11 general household pests in both external and internal situations. The low odour formulation is available in a convenient 1 litre squeeze pack bottle with measuring chamber.

Fury 120SC

  • Active Constituent(s): 80g/L Bifenthrin, 40g/L Alpha Cypermethrin
  • Description:

    For knockdown and residual control of a wide range of internal pests including ants, clothes moths, cockroaches, flies, fleas, silverfish and bedbugs and external pests including ants, biting midges, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, papernest wasps and spiders

  • MSDS Expiry: 31/01/2020
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