Bayer’s Starycide®mosquito label extension application was approved by APVMA.

Starycide should be applied to empty containers, e.g. car tyres or empty pot plants etc.  When rain collects in these containers, it creates a suitable egg laying substrate for Aedes. Starycide, however, disrupts the insect’s lifecycle by preventing the development of larvae into adults which leads to an overall reduction in the number of mosquitoes. 


Depending on rainfall and exposure to direct sunlight, efficacy from  5 -12 weeks can be expected.

Containers around buildings and structures which collect rainwater and function as mosquito breeding sites

Container breeding mosquito larvae such as Aedes aegypti

Rate of Application:
10 - 20 ml / L water

Critical Comments:
Apply as a residual spray to the inside of potential breeding sites, e.g. inside of containers, car tyres, holes in trees, etc. where rain water can collect.
Use the higher rate when longer residual action is required.
Repeat application where excessive rain has diluted the initial application.


Starycide Insect Growth Regulator

    • Active Constituent(s): Contains 48g/L Triflumuron