A water-based space spray concentrate for use in the management of mosquitoes and flies. Contains Film Forming Aqueous Suspension Technology which allows dilution with water without reducing performance.

Key Features
•An internationally recognised space spray control product; providing re-assurance of effectiveness and reliability.
•Contains the synethetic pyrethoroid deltamethrin - a derivative of naturlaly occurring pyrethrum. Registered for use against mosquitoes and flies. Water-based non-flammable formulation.
•Unique formulation containing FFAST anti-evaporant technology ensuring droplet size is optimized for best results.
•Dilutes in water for both ULV and thermal fog application - reducing reliance on hydrocarbon-based diluents. This is better for the environment and for public health.
•Fully approved under WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme for use as a space spray.
•AQIS Type A Approval
•Very low application rates meaning smaller packs can treat larger areas (1 L is enough to treat 20 ha). This reduces packaging waste as well as fuel consumption during transport.
•Very high level of safety in use.