Termi Slab Seals are the new revolutionary product in the termite control industry. It is simple, effective and guarantees maximum penetration of termiticde in all concrete areas and all soil/clay substrate types. Using Termi Slab Seals will save you time, chemical wastage and helps protect the technician, the home-owner and the environment.  It will save you money, ask in store for more details.


It is easy to use - simply drill a 14mm hole and fit the seal into the hole (must be level with the top of the slab). When injecting chemical, Termi Slab Seals Rods are used to inject the chemical into the one-way, non return valve system. For full details ask in-store for the instruction guide and/or dvd.

The one-way, non return valve (with 4 sealing points) ensures minimal wastage of chemical which in turns saves you money and saves the environment.


Termi Slab Seals can be used anywhere other concrete seals are used. Click play on the below video to watch the full presentation.