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AF Insect Monitoring System
Slimline profile means it can be placed in narrow gaps, closer to insect activity
Slimline profile prevents entry by non-target species, such as mice
Unique "flipper" design automatically lifts out the attractant pad for easy inspection and removal
360 degree access and specially designed ramps mean insects can enter trap from all directions
Insects are unable to detect the sticky surface until it’s too late
The textured surface and optimum ramp angle add to ease of entry and the narrow leading edge does not deter smaller insects
Will fit on to the AF Advance Mouse Box forming an integrated monitoring/control system
Location bracket feature is an optional extra
Corporate printing available


AF Demi-Diamond
The AF Demi-Diamond is a versatile flying insect monitoring station designed for use where Fruit Fly (drosophila) are a problem, such as restaurants, bars and cafes. The reservoir in the bottom of the monitor is designed to contain attractive substances that will increase the effectiveness and attraction to target insects. In the case of Drosophila (Fruit fly) these substances could include any fermenting liquid or solid e.g. wine, beer, fruit juice or pieces of fruit. An attractant is available in an easy-pour bottle as an optional extra. The yellow glue boards, available in packs of 100, provide optimum attractiveness for fruit fly.
The versatility of the station also means it can be used to monitor various other problem insects using other AF Glue Boards such as Stored Product Moths (ephestia and plodia) and textile moths (tineola bisselliella), making it ideal for food storage areas and anywhere where textile moths are a potential problem e.g museums.


AF Glue Pads
The pad contains its own integrated attractant system, eliminating the need for separate attractant tablets
Special slow release matrix, which remains effective for as long as the pad remains sticky
Packs are colour coded to help identify the different glue pads
Red: Cockroach and crawling insect monitoring pads
Green: Ephestia/Plodia pheromone monitoring pads
Standard size fits most plastic insect monitoring stations
Printed grids makes insect monitoring and counting easier