Envu was founded in 2022, a new company built on years of Bayer experience, for the sole purpose of advancing healthy environments for everyone, everywhere.

Envu offers dedicated services in: Professional Pest Management, Forestry, Ornamentals, Golf, Industrial Vegetation Management, Lawn & Landscape, Mosquito Management, and Range & Pasture.

Across each of its lines of business, Envu focuses its work in chemistry and beyond, collaborating with customers to come up with innovative solutions that will work today and well into the future.

Envu have a large range of Professional Products Available for sale to Australian Pest Managers.  Below is a small example:

Agenda Termite Baiting System

A unique and innovative system consisting of:
Revolutionary new On-Ground Bait Stations
In-Ground Bait Stations (the standard for aggregating termites for 15+ years)
Agenda® Termite Bait (Foil Pouch Baiting System offering flexibility) for use in On-Ground and In-Ground Stations, also as an Above Ground Station

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Temprid 75

temprid 75 logoActive Constituents: 25g/L Beta-Cyfluthrin, 50g/L Imidacloprid

A residual insecticide concentrate for use in the management of ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas and bedbugs (including pyrethroid-resistant strains) in various domestic, commercial, industrial and public buildings and facilities as per the Directions for Use.

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 Cislin 25 Insecticide


Active Constituent: 25 g/L Deltamethrin

Cislin 25 is the new premium quality deltamethrin suspension concentrate that can be used with complete confidence inside and out.  Cislin has been a proven performer in Australia’s Professional Pest Management industry for over 20 years; now it is available in a more concentrated form, which allows more compact packaging and easier measuring.

With the same broad level of activity and residual performance, high level of safety and formulation quality second to none it can be used with complete confidence both inside and out.

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Coopex Insecticidal Dusting Powder


Active Constituent: 10g/L Permethrin 25:75

Coopex Insecticidal Dusting Powder compliments liquid spray programmes and ensures a property is fully protected from insect pests.  Liquid sprays cannot deal with every pest situation.  Coopex Dust is an essential addition to a chemical armoury to ensure residual insect control.

Unlike a spray, the fine particles of Coopex Dust settle deep into cracks and crevices and other enclosed spaces that cannot be reached with a liquid spray. 

Coopex Dust is a finely ground, ready to use insecticidal dust.  This formulation ensures that the active ingredient is easily and uniformly distributed.  The particles remain on the treated surface, rather than sinking into it.  A treatment therefore stays active longer and is more rapidly picked up by insects.

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Kordon TB (Termite Barrier) and Kordon TMB (Termite Moisture Barrier)

Kordon TB is a flexible termite protection system that offerskordon_logo3 guaranteed termite protection, when installed in conjunction with a concrete slab poured to AS 2870. Kordon TB can be installed as a perimeter termite barrier to all building types such as in-fill slabs, waffle pods, slab edge rebates or bearer and joist construction. Kordon TB can also be installed as a termite protection system for pipes and penetrations.

Kordon TMB is a complete underslab barrier, providing both termite and moisture protection. Kordon TMB is installed on the bedding sand before the steel reinforcing mesh is laid. All slab penetrations are individually protected by Kordon TMB as part of this installation. The concrete is then poured on top of Kordon TMB.

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Maxforce Gold Cockroach Gel


Active Constituent: 0.3g/kg Fipronil

Maxforce Gold Cockroach Gel is a fipronil-based gel; giving quick results.

Maxforce Gold is from the first generation of gels where our formulation scientists and biologists tailor-made a bait matrix specifically to cater for a balanced range of cockroach dietary preferences.

Combined with an industry leading active ingredient this makes for great results.

2-5 spots/m² of treated surface (spot size should be around 5mm in diameter or approximately 0.1g of product).
The use of gel baits results in an extremely low amount of active substance used. In the case of Maxforce® Gold this is equivalent to 0.1-0.25mg of active substance/m² of treated surface.

Maxforce Activ Cockroach Gel


Active Constituent: 10g/kg Clothianidin

Maxforce Activ is the latest gel, in the line of 'new generation' cockroach control products by Envu. Envu has created this product from the ground up, gel placements even look different!

Trials suggest that gel placements remain palatable for at least 12 months. Incorporating the patented blue bead feeding stimulant technology to ensure Total Life Cycle control (TLC).

This unique feeding stimulant has been proven in our premium product Maxforce Fusion to dramatically decrease the percentage of nymphs in the population. The reduction is due to an increased direct consumption of bait by nymphs, resulting in a long term inability for populations to recover.

Maxforce Fusion Cockroach "White" Gel



Active Constituent: 21.5g/kg Imidacloprid

Maxforce Fusion is the next generation gel against cockroaches large and small.

Maxforce Fusion will kill cockroaches including nymphs, for total life-cyle control.
Incorporating for the first time, a patented fusion technology (Total Life Cycle Control or TLC control), incorporating a feeding stimulant and capsule technology within the gel matrix (blue beads).

Maxforce Quantum Ant Bait

Active Constituent: 0.3g/kg Imidacloprid

Maxforce Quantum is a viscous liquid ant bait made of 99.9% naturally derived ingredients. For the control of ants in and around the home.
Its patented formulation system (HVL Technology) naturally preserves the bait to ensure long term attractiveness without artificial preservatives.

Ants take the bait back to the nest where the active ingredient kills the queen, workers and the rest of the nest. 

Controls sweet and protein loving ants

Expect significant reduction in ant activity in days, followed by colony elimination in weeks (depending on ant species & size of nest)

Triggers initial increase in ant activity as they take the bait

Rapid control of all major ant species
Quick and easy to apply

Remains effective for up to 3 months


Premise Termiticide

Active Constituent: 200g/L Imidacloprid

Older chemical barrier treatments create a repellent barrier that termites won't gopremise_logo through, but will try to find a way around.  While they are usually effective, they have three major drawbacks: applying them creates a repulsive smell that lasts for a day or two and can be difficult to live with; they deter termites, but do nothing to reduce the colony; and even a gap of a few centimetres in the barrier can cause the treatment to fail.

Premise supersedes those barriers with an extremely efficient in-ground trap that termites can't detect: the Premise Treated Zone.  Far from being repelled by a barrier, termites forage into the Premise Treated Zone and are killed by direct contact or by passing the product around the colony through normal social interaction or cannibalism.

Since the launch of Premise in 1998, over 100,000 homes have been successfully treated in Australia.  Pest Managers using Premise found call backs to be almost non-existent and there has not been a single product failure.

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 Suspend Flexx


Active Constituent: 25g/L Deltamethrin
Suspend® Flexx is a new, innovative general insecticide from Bayer containing leading-edge patented Carrier™ technology.
Scientifically-proven to maximise the active ingredient, this world-first technology allows the active to be more readily available on surfaces and enhances the efficacy and residual effectiveness.
Suspend Flexx can be used both indoors and outdoors, and offers flexible application rates.

Aqua K-Othrine

Active Constituent: 20 g/L DELTAMETHRIN
Leading water-based space-spray technology for the control of mosquitoes and flies with FFAST technology.
Contains synthetic pyrethroid (2% deltamethrin) in a unique EW formulation. Primarily based on water with built-in FFAST anti-evaporant technology



Envu Products are available from all Garrards branches.  Please contact your nearest Garrards branch for further information.