Innovative, unique wildlife management & control solutions

Evicom was formed in 2021 and is a specialist supplier of environmental wildlife management and control solutions. The company specialises in the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) Evi-I Camera that integrates with existing wildlife management and control practices, delivering a cost effective and self-sufficient system for urban and remote locations. 

Evicom are also the Australian distributors for OvoControl® P. A specialised pigeon control program which is the most effective and humane solution to resolving pigeon problems. OvoControl® — birth control for pigeons — is a proven, safe and effective solution for controlling the pigeon population when physical deterrents aren’t feasible or cost effective.

The company operates across Australia and New Zealand. With 20+ years combined experience in wildlife control products and services across aviation, agriculture, horticulture, mining, infrastructure and construction.  They pride themselves on designing custom-built, flexible, scalable and cost-effective solutions that exceed customers expectations.

Evicom currently has the following Professional Products Available for sale to Australian Pest Managers:

OvoControl Bait


Active:0.5% NICARBAZIN

Pack Size: 13.6kg

OvoControl®P (nicarbazin 0.5%) is a ready-to-use bait that controls the reproduction of treated birds, causing the population to decline. This effective and humane technology is especially useful for managing pigeon flocks in large areas without having to resort to poisons and their associated risks.

Artificial Intelligent (AI) Camera for OvoControl

  • Evi-I camera unit uses artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Operates on purpose developed hardware to be ultra-efficient in energy consumption, computing and communication thus allowing it to be self-sufficient when deployed in remote locations. 

  • Evi-I application technique is deployed based on computer vision that implements deep learning and pattern identification

  • Evi-I can identify specific species of interest and build statistical profiles around frequency of encounters

  • Evi-I counts numbers in attendance that are reported back on regular intervals via mobile communications to the evicom customer portal


OvoControl Automatic Feeder Kit with Accessories

  • Large, tripod feeder kit specially modified for dispensing OvoControl bait

  • Automatic, programmable feeder at an economic price

  • Optimized for OvoControl application

  • Digital timer for precise bait application

  • Recommended for flocks of 20 or more birds

  • Feeds up to 150 birds at a time

  • Holds more than 50kgs of OvoControl®P bait

  • 6-volt rechargeable battery and solar panel included

  • Some assembly required



Evicom's Professional Products are available from all Garrards branches. Please contact your nearest Garrards branch for further information.