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Variation to Global Harmonised System introduction on 1st January 2017


Bayer is pleased to announce some welcome label extensions to Aqua K-Othrine.

In addition to its Mosquito and Fly claims, Aqua K-Othrine can now be used to target  

Stored product pests


American and German cockroaches

There are many ant species that are pests and, thankfully, we have a range of options to treat them. 
The first part of any treatment must be an inspection including identification of the ant species present, checking areas of activity and locating moisture sources.  The choice of treatment should be assessed taking into account the species, where they are, the impact they are having and the expectation of the customer. 

From the 1st of September 2014 TermX replenishment system hosing will be manufactured in a safety red colour with a 600 PSI rating.