Scarecrow Marine Catalogue - page 5

Bird Chase Super Sonic Pro
The Bird Chase Super Sonic is a sound device used to
deter pest birds from large open spaces.
Recorded distress and predator calls of actual birds are
broadcast every ten minutes, when birds hear these calls,
their natural instinct is to flee the area. Birds cannot hear
ultrasonic noises, recorded bird calls are the most effective
sound deterrents.
The Bird Chase Super Sonic is weather resistant and can
be programmed to turn on/off at night. Each unit can cover
4000m2; additional speakers are available for larger
areas. Also available is the control unit only.
Code: BBG-IB50-
Bird Spider 360°
Code: BBG-BS200
Comes in 4 different sizes:
60cm (covers 30-60cmwidth)
Code: BBG-BS200
1.2m (covers 90cm - 1.2mwidth)
Code: BBG-BS400
1.8m (covers 1.2m - 1.8mwidth)
Code: BBG-BS600
2.4m (covers 1.8m - 2.4mwidth)
Code: BBG-BS800
Bird Spiders are stand alone visual bird deterrents used to
scare large birds from concentrated areas.
The Bird Spiders’ “arms” bounce and sway in the wind,
creating a visual distraction zone, birds will not want to
come near the area being treated. Also available are the
sandbag base, boat base and railingmount.
Sandbag: Code: BBG-IB50-PCOM
Boat base Code: BBG-IB50-PCOM
Railingmount: Code: BBG-IB50-PCOM
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