Scarecrow Marine Catalogue - page 2

Boats, docks and swim platforms often provide the perfect waterfront perch for birds looking for a
roost or a vantage point to find their next meal. Large birds such as geese, ducks and cormorants
along with gulls and other birds can virtually take over these areas while creating quite amess.
Bird droppings can potentially ruin the paint on boats if left unattended. Droppings are highly acidic
and can corrode boat materials. There is also the hassle boat owners go through when they must
first clean their boat of bird droppings before taking it out on the water. Large birds such as geese
and ducks canmake quite amess of swimplatforms and docks.
Common areas birds pose a problem:
♦ Docks
♦ Pilings
♦ Masts
♦ Spreaders
♦ Canvas Covers
♦ Boat Houses
♦ Swim platforms
♦ Radar / other equipment
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