Bayer has a termite control insecticide called Premise which has been highly successful in Australia under our difficult conditions.  Due to the natural foraging behaviour of sub-terranean termites and with their prolific presence in the Australian environment, there is a need to implement control management strategies in the environment surrounding structures to reduce the pressure from this pest. 

Australian Standard 3660 series calls for the management of the risk from subterranean termites in the environment surroundings up to 50 m from the structure.  Premise is an ideal tool for Professional Pest Managers to use when they are involved in the management of subterranean termites and with its incredible flexibility and high mammalian safety profile, Premise can deliver consistent results that Professionals can count on.

When Premise is applied as a continuous application to soil areas abutting a structure, it forms a unique killing zone that is deadly to sub-terranean termites.  The active in Premise is completely non detectable to the tunnelling termites so they continue to blunder into treated areas without realizing what is going on.  The social behaviour and grooming interactions of termites passes on the active ingredient to other colony members magnifying the overall effects of the insecticide.  We call this the Domino Effect and it is the main reason why Premise performs so well against this pest.

To show its extreme flexibility Premise is registered for use through termiticide reticulation systems, is registered for use on sub-terranean termite activity found above ground such as a nest or bivouac that is often encountered with pest species, is registered to be applied as a foam to identified termite workings in housing timbers, is registered for use on nests located in trees or mounds, and to show its ultimate flexibility it is registered for the control of Dry Wood Termites.  Dry wood termites do not move from the soil into structures so a conventional barrier will have no effect on this group.  They must be located within their habitat and directly injected with Premise into the timber galleries and workings.

Bayer Environmental Science has a large range of products for the specialist Professional Pest Manager and Bayer  believe their range can be used to provide comprehensive solutions to your customer’s pest needs.  They all come with the full backing of the Bayer group and with a complete satisfaction guarantee, the best guarantee you will never need.