Bayer are so confident that Temprid 75 is the most effective insecticide for bed bug management that we back it with a performance guarantee.  You need to have supreme confidence in a product to deliver the results expected against such a difficult pest as bed bugs.  So what is so special about Temprid 75 that Bayer have this unshakable confidence in the product?

Firstly Temprid 75 has outstanding residual performance so when applied correctly we know it will continue to deliver control well past competitor products.  With such a difficult cryptic pest like bed bugs you need a good length of residual action to control new hatchlings and newly introduced bugs.  Temprid 75 delivers this residual performance and has been shown to kill bed bug eggs and hatchling nymphs.

Second Temprid 75 has outstanding knockdown due to the synergy between the two active ingredients where one active ingredient enhances the potency of the second active.  In the case of Temprid 75 imidacloprid overstimulates the voltage sensitive Sodium channels and then beta cyfluthrin binds preferentially to the activated channels causing depolarization of the nerve.  This enhanced potency is of great benefit in quickly killing bed bugs preventing off site movement and really showing visual activity to your clients.

Thirdly Temprid 75 utilises two active ingredients from completely different chemical groups (3A & 4A). This dual action combination covers bugs that may have resistant genes for one of the groups due to previous exposure or even natural selection.  The dual mode also minimises the onset of resistant populations because it is highly unlikely that individual bugs will have natural resistance to both groups.  Bed bugs are well known to be highly resistant to some chemistry so management of resistance is a critical factor for the Professional Pest Manager.

Fourthly Temprid 75 has delivered outstanding results in the field under real time high pressure situations. We often see new products trialled in perfect laboratory conditions that deliver results but when trialled in real life field conditions the efficacy just isn’t there.  Temprid 75 applied in even the most challenging of circumstances has consistently provided outstanding results well beyond the expectations of pest managers.

Finally Temprid 75 is providing outstanding flexibility proving to be highly efficacious at controlling not only bed bugs, German cockroaches, ants, fleas and spiders but it is now registered for the control of silverfish, crickets, mosquitoes & flies, millipedes, paper nest wasps, carpet beetles, clothes moths, skin & hide beetles and Stored Product Pests.

Stay tuned for future developments with Temprid 75 as we have only just begun to explore the benefits of this amazing chemistry and it may very well be that this product will become one of best, if not ‘the best’ general insecticide our market has ever known.