BASF's Stratagem® is a highly potent single feed rodenticide in a palatable, securable bait block. Stratagem is in an easy to use non-spill formulation that is mould and moisture resistant and extremely palatable. Below are the 5 key reasons to choose Stratagem over other available rodenticides.

1. STRATAGEM controls in a single feed.
Unlike multi-feed rodenticides that are only lethal if rats and mice consume them several times, a single feed of Stratagem is sufficient to deliver a lethal dose. Over 200 times more effective than warfarin and five times more potent than bromadiolone, its active ingredient – flocoumafen – delivers the most rapid control possible to minimise rodent damage.

2. STRATAGEM is extremely palatable.
Stratagem is based on high quality crushed grain in a low wax block that is very much more palatable to rats and mice than melted wax blocks. The palatability of the block and the power of flocoumafen mean that rats and mice consume a lethal dose of rodenticide rapidly and reliably even in the presence of the range of other attractive feeds readily available.

3. STRATAGEM resists tough conditions.
As well as being highly palatable, Stratagem is extremely durable, resisting both moisture and moulding extremely well. This means it can be used with confidence under even the most challenging indoor conditions.

4. STRATAGEM saves time and money.
Less potent rodenticides need to be used in much larger quantities than Stratagem and topped-up more frequently over an extended period. As well as delivering the lowest overall treatment cost, the simple 21-day Stratagem pulse baiting programme means only four bait applications are required, saving considerable amounts of time.

5. STRATAGEM combats resistance.
No practical resistance has yet been detected to flocoumafen in either rats or mice. This means Stratagem will give reliably complete control of even challenging populations, including those resistant to other anticoagulants.
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