As we enter into prime rodent season now is time to have a closer look at the bait you are using and make the change to an alternative that has a lower risk profile against both primary and secondary poisoning of non-target species but yet offers the control you need.

We are starting to see leading companies are now restricting the use of brodifacoum baits within their external bait stations.  Most of us know instances where an animal has been accidentally poisoned and the stress and anxiety it causes not only to the animal, which can be fatal but also to the owners.

Did you realise if you are currently using a brodifacoum based rodenticide formulated at 50ppm (0.05g/kg) a healthy 7kg dog would only need to consume 35 grams of finished product (just under 2 x 20g blocks) for it to receive a potentially lethal dose (LD50, the dose required to kill 50% of the target population).

This year PelGar launched ROBAN into the PCO market to offer extremely palatable rodent baits with a significantly increased safety profile to non-target animals, particularly dogs, when compared to brodifacoum baits. 

ROBAN contains the second-generation anti-coagulant difenacoum at 50ppm (0.05g/kg). This active is new to the Australian market and, as with other anticoagulants, there is a delay between the ingestion of a lethal dose by the rodent and death which prevents the development of bait shyness and the effect of the poison can also be antidoted with vitamin K1 if an accident occurs

Making the same comparison if a healthy 7kg dog ate ROBAN it would have to consume around 7000 grams of finished product (350 x 20g blocks) to receive a potentially lethal dose (LD50).  Not many dogs would eat through 7kgs of rodent bait though we know that dogs would easily consume two bait blocks

ROBAN also has an impressive LD50 rate against mice, making it twice as effective when compared to a bromadiolone based bait and three times more effective than the recently launched baits that contain difethialone.

Use ROBAN to your advantage - explain to your customers why you are using this new bait called ROBAN, and when competing for work use this information as a point of difference over the competition.  At the end of the day if you can use a product that has reduced toxicity to non-target species but yet absolutely nails the rodents then make the change today. 

ROBAN is now stocked at all of the Garrards branches.