The latest product articles from Garrards are listed below:

BDS™ is a patented device designed to detect bedbugs BEFORE they proliferate and infest a new location.

BDS™ simulates the conditions that bedbugs consider “perfect harborage”: tight, dark tunneling and rough woodsy material. (Common examples are the small grooves of corrugated boxes, mattress creases and wood furniture.)

The Rekon System provides a flexible solution for the monitoring detection and treatment of termites. The reckon system was developed in Australia for australian conditions. Installed by your pest management professional, the reckon system provides year round early detection of termite activity in the vicinity of your most important asset - your home and nearby structures. Visit for more information.

optigard_thumbOptigard Ant Gel Bait offers unparalleled control of a broad spectrum of ants, including Argentine, Black House ant, Sugar ant and White Footed House ant, by ingestion and transfer of the bait, providing efficacy against the entire colony, not just the workers. Optigard Ant Gel Bait doesn't have the unsightly yellowish-brown colour or the inconsistent, runny consistency of other baits. It's transparent at application and stays clear throughout treatment. It has little to no odour and doesn't stain treated surfaces. And its thicker consistency allows it to hold its shape without running.


A mainstay of modern IPM procedures, cockroach monitors have become an essential tool in almost any situation. In some areas they have become the only acceptable method of cockroach control. The rega Slim is available from all Garrards branches. 

The monitor is designed to be placed in areas where cockroaches congregate and can be used as a control device or to indicate when and where a cockroach problem is present. They are packed 10 traps to a pack and come complete with cockroach attractant tablets. Each 10-pack is individually shrink wrapped.


Phantom® Insecticide is a major breakthrough in pest control in Australia with unique properties that make it unlike any other general pest control product. Phantom is a liquid SC formulation for the control of ants, cockroaches and bed bugs as an internal treatment and contains the active ingredient chlorfenapyr which is the only member of a new class of chemicals - the pyrroles.