The latest product articles from Garrards are listed below:


The Termite Eliminator is designed using over 18 years experience in the industry including certification in the use of many different types of termite monitoring and baiting systems. Termite monitoring and baiting systems do not rely on toxic chemicals, they are not invasive and disruptive to install, are environmentally friendly and very safe for you, your family and pets. The Termite Eliminator is especially made for Australian gardens as it comes equipped with its unique patented lid system.

75x75The latest product for bird management comes the Netfixx Superclip in Stainless Steel.  The Netfixx Superclip installs simply by using a hammer to apply.  The product is made of stainless steel for longer duration, has a very strong 'bite' for a strong hold and has special loops for keeping wire rope close and along the beam.

 Introducing the new range of RCS (Rodent Control Solutions) to Garrards.  With a unique product called 'tipper' it's hard to miss this one! Find out more about tipper below, even a handy usage and placement guide too!.

The new Temprid 75 is here and it’s debut appearance formally with Garrards at the Garrards Roadshow 2012.  Get all the information on the exciting new SC product here.


iconThe new improved Dosmatic Chemical Injector provides a safe and simple solution to adding Termiticides, Pesticides and Herbicides into the water flow.

The Dosmatic Chemical Injector ensures precise chemical injection directly into the water under various flow rates, feed ratios and pressure fluctuations.