The latest product articles from Garrards are listed below:

Product Launch – Fury 120 SC General Household Insecticide

FMC have launched Fury 120 SC General Household Insecticide into the GHP market which is set to provide a new standard in the industry.  

Termi Slab Seals are the new revolutionary product in the termite control industry. It is simple, effective and guarantees maximum penetration of termiticde in all concrete areas and all soil/clay substrate types. Using Termi Slab Seals will save you time, chemical wastage and helps protect the technician, the home-owner and the environment.  It will save you money, ask in store for more details.

Introducing Agenda® Termite Baiting System from Bayer. A unique and innovative system consisting of:
Revolutionary new On-Ground Bait Stations
In-Ground Bait Stations (the standard for aggregating termites for 15+ years)
Agenda® Termite Bait (Foil Pouch Baiting System offering flexibility) for use in On-Ground and In-Ground Stations, also as an Above Ground Station

iconWasp Freeze® Insecticide is for the outdoor control of wasps in domestic, commercial and industrial areas. BASF Wasp-Freeze® produces an instant knockdown and kills wasps on contact from 5 meters away and contains no ozone-depleting substances. The active ingredients, d-allethrin and d-phenothrin, provide rapid knockdown and good residual control in the nest.

Phantom® Pressurised Insecticide is a ready-to-use formulation that kills a broad spectrum of pests including cockroaches, ants, bed bugs and bed bug eggs. Phantom Pressurised can be used outdoors or indoors as a Crack & Crevice® or precision spot treatment, and is also labelled for food-handling areas.

Pests can’t detect it
Targeted precision application
No more cockroaches running everywhere
Schedule treatments during working hours
Food and handling safe HACCP Approved