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Maxforce Product Range Expands

Although some manufacturers may claim otherwise, there' sno such thing as a "universal ant bait".

Bayer Environmental Science have developed the Maxforce range to specifically target the three main ant feeding preferences (sugars; fats and oils; proteins).

Maxforce GB Granular Ant Bait

"Target ants that prefer oily food types"

Target Pests: Fire ants, Singapore Ants, Coastal Brown ants
Areas of Use: Around and inside buidlings, lawns, gardens, non-crop areas, cracks and crevices in commercial and residential buildings.

Key Features:

*Oil based formulation targeted for fats and oil feeding preferences
*Highly palatable and proven bait matrix
*Slow acting toxicant - providing potential for colony control
*Convenient sized packaging
*Higher loading of hyramethylnon compared to similar baits (10g/Kg vs 7.5g/Kg) - providing potential for better results

Application rate & Delivery:

*Broadcast Application: 2-5g/20sq. m.
*Direct Application to mounds: 14-28g per mound
*Indoor Use: 14g per crack and crevice or 3.5g/sq. m.
*Equates to 10-25g active substance/ha

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Maxforce Liquid Ant Bait

"Target ants that prefer sugary-type foods"

Target Pests: White Footed ant, Black House ant
Areas of Use: Domestic, commercial and institutional buildings: including (but not limited to) hospitals, health care facilities, food processing areas, offices, houses

Key Features:

*Unsurpassed palatability to target species - ants will preferentially feed on this bait over most other food sources.
*Unsurpassed stability in field use and in terms of shelf life
*Non-repellent active substance ensured good uptake
*Slow acting - enables possibility of transfer back to the colony
*Clear and odour free - ideal for use in sensitive areas
*Primarily targets sugar feeding species but since ants are liquid feeders, ants with differing food preferences may also be attracted to the bait becuase of its lisquid component.
*Very high level of safety in use (5mL of this bait contains 8 times less active ingredient than on spot of imidaloprid cockroach gel).

Application rate & Delivery:

*5mL of bait per ant trail or at each point of infestation
*This equates to 0.25mg of active substance per bait placement

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Click here to download the Maxforce Liquid Ant Bait Technical Information Sheet

Maxforce Granular Insect Bait

"Target protein feeding ants"

Target Pests: Pest ants, Cockroaches
Areas of Use: Around and inside buildings, lawns, ornamental gardens, non-crop areas, cracks and crevices in commercial and residential buildings

Key Features:

*Hughly palatable bait matrix
*Primarily a protein based bait - target protein feeding ants
*Slow acting toxicant, ideal for colony ant control
*Registered for use against both ants and cockroaches
*Stable and reliable formulation with good shelf life
*Borad range of areas where product can be used (outdoor or indoor)
*Granule size allows for easy uptake by ants and is inconspicuous when applied

Application rate & Delivery:

*1-3.5g per lineal metre in bands 0.3 - 1.6m wide, as a perimeter treatment
*1g per 6sq. m on lawns
28g per ant mound
14g per crack & crevice
*Broadcast (outdoor) application rate is equivalent to 16.6g active substance per ha.

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Click here to download the Maxforce Granular Insect Bait Technical Information Sheet

An article from Garrards Pest Review (Winter 2007) detailing Maxforce Liquid Ant Bait is reprinted below:

A fluid approach to ant control

One of the most difficult and frustrating areas of product development, even for a company with the Research and Development capabilities of Bayer, is ant baits. An enormous amount of research effort was expended by the combined predecessor companies of Bayer Environmental Science (Aventis Environmental Science and Bayer Environmental Health) trying to develop what might be considered a 'universal ant bait'. The goal was a stable, easy to use, highly effective bait which was attractive to most major pest species. It was only as a result of trial and error with dozens and dozens of different formulations (involving input from Research and Development Groups from Europe, USA, South America and Australia) that it became abundantly clear that this was an impossible goal.
What this work did achieve however was the identification of key criteria in relation to bait matrices, presentation and active ingredient concentrations (in addition to foraging and feeding behaviour of many ant species). In the end it was simplicity, an acknowledgement of ant biology (worker ants are liquid feeders) and a pretty basic but practical approach which delivered the first significant product.
This product has now been launched in Australia as Maxforce Liquid Ant Bait (MLAB).
Rather than take a sweeping approach to ant control, with a product that has claims for 'all major species' (which, at best, will achieve good results against a few, but mediocre results against many) MLAB has been targeted against specific ants which are known to prefer sugary liquids (the range of ants on the label will be extended as further trial work progresses). The beauty of MLAB is that its unique formulation means that it retains its palatability for long periods under a range of conditions; this makes it very cost effective (bait is not wasted). It is also colourless and has an extremely high level of safety (to give an indication of this; 5 mL of Maxforce Liquid has less active ingredient than one spot of Premise Cockroach gel); it can therefore be used indoors with complete confidence that it will work, it won't make a mess and it presents minimal risk to building occupants.
Maxforce Liquid Ant Bait is the perfect complementary indoor baiting partner to be used with non-repellent barrier sprays outdoors (eg. Ficam W) or broadcast granular perimeter baiting (eg. Maxforce Granular Insect Bait) but there is no reason why it cannot be used outdoors as well.

Whilst extremely effective as a stand-alone treatment, Maxforce Liquid Ant Bait is recommended to be used as part of an integrated ant management programme; involving hygiene improvements (where relevant), proofing measures as well as a combination of appropriate baits and sprays. This is not only best-practice but will also ensure optimal results (reducing potential for call-backs) and will reduce the reliance on use of chemical control measures.

Maxforce Liquid Ant Bait is available in a 250 mL bottle with a witches-hat lid.