Introducing the all new Ekomille range, Now Available at Garrards. A rodent control system that is ECOLOGICAL, HYGIENIC and SAFE. The new rodent control device Ekomille CO2 is integrated with a rapid and animal friendly suppression system: with carbon dioxide in the case of Ekomille CO2.




Ekomille, now the principal actor of a whole line of products, is a device more unique than ever.

A perfect combination of technology and sustainability, allows an ecological rodent control and an optimization of the interventions on the sites thanks to remote control.

Today the line reaches its completeness by making an important step towards the culture of animal welfare protection with the integration of Ekomille CO2 device integrated with a fast and animal friendly suppression system.

The operation of Ekomille does not require the use of toxic baits and poisons. Using natural food substances as attractants and keeping the carcasses in  the bucket, the device guarantees rodents extermination 100% ecological.




Ekomille CO2

Ekomille CO2 combines the extraordinary capabilities of Ekomille with a rapid and infallible suppression system that exploits the biocidal potential of carbon dioxide. With Ekomille CO2 the killing of rodents takes place in a state of unconsciousness and in a period of time less than one minute. 

Target Pests: Rat, Black Rat & House Mouse


• Zero use of chemicals
• No dispersion of carcasses
• High primimg with natural food
• Safe for food, non-target animals and children
• Suppression system animal-friendly faster in the market
• Suppression time 30 seconds
• Quick replace of CO2 cans
• Up to 10 continuous catches
• Odor control function, thanks to the liquid Ekofix 100






Ekofix 100 is the hygienizing and desodorizing liquid mixture specifically studied, tested and realized to be used effectively in Ekomille. The product, supplied concentrated, is presented in a liquid form, with an identifying green color and a characteristic almond aroma.

Target pests: mice (Mus musculus domesticus) and rats (Rattus rattus, Rattus norvegicus)
Field of use: sanitizing and desodorizing for Ekomille electromechanical capture equipment


Ekomille CO2 Refill Cans

The CO2 cans contain carbon dioxide for food use. The amount of CO2 allows up to a maximum of 10 captures.




Ekomille Products are available from all Garrards branches.

Please contact your nearest Garrards branch for further information.