Over the last decade termite monitoring and baiting systems have increased in popularity. Consumers are more chemical averse and architectural styles have changed making chemical barrier treatments increasingly more difficult.  There is now increased consumer awareness of alternative control measures such as baiting and termite management professionals are coming under increased pressure to not only provide options to traditional chemical barriers but also ensure such options are effective.

Sumitomo Chemical Australia is proud to launch the next generation of termite monitoring and baiting systems, Xterm® Defense Against Termites.

Xterm® contains the new active ingredient Bistrifluron which is a chitin synthesis inhibitor (insecticide group 15). Xterm® rapidly causes interference with chitin synthesis in termites, preventing moulting and interrupting other chitin synthesis pathways.  Xterm® has a higher active ingredient loading than other baits currently on the market and is highly palatable to termites. Field trials have shown that termites not only actively feed on the bait but colonies can succumb within as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

The Xterm® Defence Against Termites system includes both above ground and in ground stations with dedicated bait cartridges. This means that Xterm is presented in a clean and non-messy formulation which is easy to install, service and monitor.

In ground stations are supplied complete with timbers, they are very robust with easy entry points for termites. Once attacked, 120g bait cartridges can easily dropped in on top of infested timber.

Above ground stations can be placed on termite entry points and secured by screws, non-silicon based sealant or double sided tape. Either one or two 60g cartridges can be inserted.

Lure bottles, containing blank bait, provide an easy and mess-free way of bridging that troublesome gap between bait station and lead – just add water to the bottle and shake.

Xterm® can be purchased as a full system or components can be purchased separately from Garrards. Xterm® provides you with flexibility to control termites with no site fees, no lock in contracts and no disclosure of information.

For a limited time an above ground starter pack will be available to make it easier for termite management professionals to try the product. The starter pack will contain an AG station, two bait canisters and a lure bottle – all you need to get started.

Xterm® has been extensively trialled under Australian conditions using standard CSIRO protocols. Xterm® has also been tested by a number of termite management professionals in Australian houses on a wide range of termite species with great success. Colony elimination can be achieved with less bait, in less time and with less mess, and importantly with fewer return visits – all key benefits for termite