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The New Year is approaching, and we have ready for our customers, a brand new Bird Catalogue.  Browse through our extensive range of bird products, guides, tips, worksheets and more. Request a ‘Bird Catalogue’ through our online enquiries, visiting a branch, phoning or emailing us.  We are passionate about providing you information to enable you to provide a wider range of services, products, reading materials and more.

Our 32 page catalogue fits into a small A5 sized booklet which you can carry around anywhere. As you browse through our bird catalogue you will get some fantastic fresh ideas/projects. There are many options to manage pest birds depending on the situation and the species.  This catalogue illustrates the variety of options available.  Selecting the optimal method of management is critical in achieving customer satisfaction.  The catalogue should be used by the pest management technician as a reminder of all the potential treatments and to ensure the most appropriate solution is chosen.  The pest manager may also use the catalogue to show options to potential customers so they can envisage how the solution will work and its appearance on their structure.

Remember - Garrards can also organise training courses, licensing and workshops for those who are interested in providing bird management with their pest services.

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