Resolv Soft Bait Rodenticide

Active Constituent: 0.05g/kg Bromadiolone
Highly palatable soft bait for the control of rats and mice.
Resolv gives Professional Pest Managers who have been using bromadiolone-based blocks an innovative and more effective alternative that can only be found in a Liphatech soft bait: wax-free, high palatability, no melting, durability and consistent reliability. Resolv provides superior palatability compared to traditional blocks without wasting money on the waxy filler.
    Resolv is easily secured inside a bait station
    High number of baits per bucket (550 sachets) allow flexible baiting
    Made without nuts and seeds to reduce debris and service time
    Maintains palatability and integrity in hot environments.
    Convenient 5.5kg rectangular bucket for optimum storage.